Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Wood Destroying Insect InspectionWood Destroying Insect Inspections can be performed with or without a home inspection. Wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants and termites are very good at hiding. Carpenter ants make their colonies in wood by hollowing out smooth tunnels for nesting. The colony consists of 1 queen, worker ants, and winged male ants. A colony will produce 2000 or more workers and grows very rapidly. While carpenter ants nest in trees, stumps, and logs they also make human structures their homes, such as, telephone poles, roofing materials, porch pillars, and are often found in the window sills of homes, they will nest anywhere that wood has contact with the ground. Once in wooden structures, they can cause significant damage and weaken the structure of the wood.
Our Wood Destroying Insect Inspection covers all types of wood destroying insects, such as carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powder post beetles, and termites. The most commonly occurring activity and damage comes from termites.
Termites are a very interesting insect, and yet the public knows very little about them. You may have heard rumors or tales of termites eating up a house right from under a homeowner. Though they can literally do this, it would take a very large colony and a very long time to actually cause a house catastrophic structural damage.
Your inspection will include a report of findings and recommendations for remediation.
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