Well & Water Analysis

Well & Water AnalysisWell and water analysis can be performed with or without a home inspection. Water quality analysis consists of obtaining a sample of the drinking water and sending the sample to the state lab. The turn around time for the water sample is normally 2 – 3 business days. If water samples are needed quicker, there are private labs that can process the sample within a 24 hour period at an additional cost. We also check the gallon per minute flow rate as well as the pressure in the well.
The water sample generally is tested for Ecoli and Coliform bacteria. If either is present a chlorination treatment of the water supply is generally recommended. Treatment procedures will be provided with the water report.
Through private labs the water can also be tested for lead, nitrides, nitrites, and other chemicals as needed. Some FHA loans may require these types of tests. We are a full service testing company and can arrange well & septic repairs if needed.
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