Septic Inspection

Septic InspectionSeptic inspection can be performed with or without a home inspection. The septic inspection service provides a thorough examination of the septic tank and soil absorption field. Along with a diagrammed layout of the system, we also provide the customer with helpful information to keep the system working efficiently.
  • Locating Septic Tank and Drain Field
  • Pumping Septic Tank
  • Identify Septic Tank
    • Size of tank
    • Condition of tank structure
    • Amount of scum and sludge build up
    • Condition of effluent traveling to drain bed
  • Identify Drain Field
    • Condition of soil and stone
    • Absorption of effluent from tank
    • Effectiveness of location of field
    • Safe distance from well
  • Report on Findings
  • Map out System in Relationship to House
  • Make Recommendations for Future Maintenance
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